Canon E31, E40 (1491A002AA)

Compatible with the Following Printer Models:
FC-100 FC-120 FC-200 FC-220
FC-224 FC-224S FC-226 FC-228
FC-230 FC-300 FC-310 FC-330
FC-336 FC-500 PC140 PC150
PC160 PC170 PC210 PC230
PC-230 PC300 PC310 PC320
PC325 PC330 PC330L PC400
PC420 PC425 PC428 PC430
PC530 PC550 PC700 PC710
PC720 PC730 PC735 PC740
PC745 PC760 PC770 PC775
PC785 PC790 PC795 PC800
PC860 PC880 PC890 PC900
PC920 PC921 PC940 PC941
PC950 PC980 PC981

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