Compatible with the Following Printer Models:
Fax 8000P, Fax 8050P, Fax 8060P, Fax 8070P, Fax 8200P, Fax 8250P, Fax 8650p, HL-700,
HL-720, HL-730, HL-730 Plus, HL-730DX, HL-730DX Plus, HL-760, HL-760 Plus, HL-760DX,
HL-760DX Plus, IntelliFax 2550ML, IntelliFax 2600, IntelliFax 2600P, IntelliFax 2750, IntelliFax 2750P, IntelliFax 3550, IntelliFax 3550P,
IntelliFax 3650, IntelliFax 3650P, IntelliFax 3750, IntelliFax 3750P, MFC-4300, MFC-4350, MFC-4450, MFC-4550,
MFC-4550 Plus, MFC-4600, MFC-4650, MFC-6550MC, MFC-6650MC, MFC-7550, MFC-7550MC, MFC-7650, MFC-7650MC,
MFC-7750, MFC-7750MC, MFC-9030, MFC-9050, MFC-9060, MFC-9070, MFC-9160, MFC-9180, MFC-9500, MFC-9550,

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